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Tuition Centre that provides holistic academic and life skills programmes that transform ordinary individuals to achievers since 2001

About Aspire Hub Education

Aspire Hub Education has a team of teachers who are devoted to teaching and mentoring youths of today. Established in 2001, Aspire Hub Education has been at the forefront of the tuition industry in Singapore, offering a wide range of subjects with a curriculum that is constantly updated and in line with the latest school syllabus. From students who are excited to challenge themselves to students who need a little more guidance, we have the necessary programmes and materials to cater to each and every student. With our team of passionate teachers who strive to deliver the best lesson possible, no two lessons are ever the same at any of our 8 learning centres in Singapore.

Apart from serving the academic needs of our students through our tuition centres and classes, the brand also works closely with many schools in Singapore and overseas, providing non-academic and academic-related training to over 10,000 teachers and students annually. We are also heavily involved in providing low-cost tuition and fees to academically weaker students from low-income families through the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) and the Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA).

At Aspire Hub Education, we believe that with our team of professional, passionate and proficient educators and quality tuition and coaching programmes, we are able to partner with our clients to raise youths of today to excel in their character and academia and make every child a champion in his own way.

The curriculum of Aspire Hub Learning Centre makes them a unique proposition among the tuition and learning centres in Singapore. They certainly offer more than merely subjective enrichment. Their focus on personal development, vocational skills and holistic approach to the syllabus helps students gain a foothold in the cut-throat, dynamic world around them. They are expectedly a bit on the hefty side of the budget but among the top three holistic education centres in the region.

Aspire hub takes tuition to another level. Instead of one teacher talking in front of a whole class, a couple of teachers move around the class to individually help each student with their needs. I find this unique to aspire hub because it’s almost like one-to-one tuition in a group.

It is a good tuition centre, with a great team of teachers and I would recommended this to any student who may be struggling with any subjects in school.


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Our new branch at WEST MALL is now open!

We are at #02-21/22, call us at 63166675.

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Nothing beats having the praises of our students when they collect their results. Our tuition methods are proven to help all our students excel in their chosen subjects with us. Read how our tuition methods have helped them here

Extensive Branches

With our extensive branches, be sure to find an Aspire Hub tuition centre near you. The convenience we aspire to provide all our students as well as the peace of mind to their parents.

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Essay Writing Programme

It helps students reinforce their understanding of some of the key elements of plot structure and organization of ideas. The pre-writing activities will not only prepare them adequately for the writing process but also develop their critical and creative thinking...

Math Heuristic Programme

It exposes students to the use of the various heuristic skills to solve routine and non-routine world problems. In addition, it will build their confidence and be more flexible in their approaches to solving mathematical word problems. This workshop incorporates not...

Chinese Comprehension and Composition Programme

Lessons for both Chinese and Higher Chinese are constructed with the current MOE syllabus and latest exam format in mind, with systematic reviews of problem solving strategies and examination techniques. Through these components, students’ weaknesses can be...

R2 Programme

The R2 programme will be targeted at students who have not scored as well as they would have liked. The main focus of the programme would be to revisit the fundamentals and clarify any lingering doubts. Personalised attention will be provided to the specific areas in...

Bridging Programme

The Bridging Programme will be catered to students whose results have met their expectations. The programme’s primary objective will be to prepare students for the upcoming study year, with specific focus on possible changes in the syllabus and new skills which they...

A.C.E Your “O’ and “N” Levels

Want to know how your child currently stands for the upcoming GCE O AND N Level? A.C.E is a 2 day non-residential workshop, designed for graduating cohorts to meet the challenges of a national examination. Mock exam papers will be administered to expose your child to...