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We welcome all our students to comment on how we have guided them to their expected results and success.

I first joined Aspire Hub at the end of Secondary 3. I had been failing my Combined Science due to my Physics, and was not really positive that I would be able to pass my O Levels. But with the help from my teacher Jon, I came to understand the concepts better as he explained in detail  any questions I had, which made Physics an easier subject to understand. Within a short period, I was able to improve and even get a distinction for my O Level Combined Sciences. Thank you, Aspire Hub for helping me.

Elizabeth See

Science (Physics) - A1, St. Anthony’s Convent Secondary School

While 2014 was a challenging year for me, Jon was extremely supportive during my preparations for O’ levels. His clear-cut explanations for difficult and complicated mathematical and science concepts made A/E Math and Physics easier to understand. Though I am not inclined towards Math and the Sciences, Jon continued to be patient with me and never gave up on my initial inaptitude. Not only did he encourage his students time and again to start studying early, he also made the effort to give us study tips so that we could do well and not necessarily enervate ourselves entirely. His jokes would always make our classes more lively and lighten the dreary mood that came with the thought of the O Level examinations drawing near. His positive and jovial attitude towards teaching really piqued my interest in the subjects that I was being tutored for, and his warm energy spread to other students. What is most striking about Jon is perhaps his willingness to become a friend to his students. He understands the adolescent mind well and can communicate effectively to his students, thereby guiding them along the right path and eventually allowing them to enjoy tuition sessions. By the time the O Levels were just round the corner, I felt more confident about doing well for Math and Physics. Thanks to Jon’s unfailing guidance, I managed to fare well for O Level Math and Physics. Perhaps Jon’s enthusiasm in Physics and Math has rubbed off me, as I have decided to take on Math and Mhysics SL for the IB Diploma in ACSI. Thanks for being a relatable figure to your students Jon! Your encouragements (and lame jokes) have been greatly appreciated.

Chloe Lim

E Math A1, A-Math A1 , Methodist Girls’ School

Before coming to Aspire Hub, my Math was not well and I was constantly getting only B’s and C’s. However, all that changed when I met John. I developed my passion for Mathematics under him as he cleared all my doubts about the subject. Through him, I gained confidence to approach any question in Math. Although sometimes I did not achieve my expectations, he would always motivate me to do better. If you are in need of help for Math, John is the right man for the job.

Jonathan Goh

A Math - A2 to A1, E Math - B4 to A2, Queensway Secondary School

John Lee is probably the best Math Teacher a normal student like me could ever have. He is extremely supportive of me. His clear-cut explanations for difficult and complicated Mathematical concepts made A / E Math easier to comprehend. Not only did he encourage his students time and time again to start studying early, He also made the effort to give us study tips to excel in our O Levels. Even though I was lazy and unwilling to do the Math worksheets he gave me, he continued to spur me on and help me in Math whenever needed. With his persistence and coaching, I was able to obtain A1 for both my A and E Math.

Kuan Jun Bing

E Math - B3 to A1, A Math - C5 to A1, St. Andrew’s Secondary School

Ms. Brenda is a friendly teacher who is always patient when she teaches us. She likes to explain about vocabulary words and recount stories that relate to the words that would let us truly understand what the word means.

Ethan Lim

English - A, RMPS

When I joined John’s classes at the start of Secondary One, I was in the Integrated Programme track in my school, so it was challenging and tough for me at first. I was struggling to cope with the pace and difficulty of lessons. However, with John’s help, I was able to turn things around and I started to improve. John was able to provide me with the necessary resources so I could understand concepts with ease. I was also able to tackle advanced Mathematics problems and John also helped me with my schoolwork. I was able to keep up with the lessons in school and I even learnt ahead of the school syllabus. With John’s patience and guidance, along with his friendly attitude, I was able to enjoy learning.

Lim Shi Bin

Math - A1 (SA2), Victoria School

The Aspire Hub learning experience has helped me achieve my goals by providing a conducive environment for learning alongside an awesome tutor that gives a lot of care and guidance, making lessons really enjoyable and memorable. Having such a tutor such as Jon Lim allows the boundary for learning to widen as he teaches me more than just Math, such as life lessons. Thus, I would never feel intimidated to ask questions when I have doubts, which in turn allows my learning to be more productive, hence achieving my goals.

Cheryl Ong Zixuan

E Math - D7 to A2, CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary School

Aspire Hub has a good environment for studying. There are good coaches that have guided us too, helping to improve our grades. Example, our Math grade jumped from E8 to A2.

Gwenda Ang and Anya Rai

E Math - E8 to A2, Queensway Secondary School

In 2013, I joined secondary 4 Pure Physics with Jon. My physics has always been weak and i have been failing it since the start of 2013. So i was not very hopeful in doing well for my ‘O’ levels. However, with the help of Aspire Hub’s well summarized notes/personal 1-to-1 tutorials, studying for physics became much easier and efficient. I too, grew to like physics. I also joined Jon with double maths tuition which helped me reaffirmed my distinctions in the ‘O’ levels. I managed to get an A2 in my physics which, for me, is a great achievement as i have never passed it before the ‘O’ levels. I wouldn’t be able to get such results without aspire hub. Thank you!

Rachel Chan

Physics Fail to A2 L1R5 10Pts, Jurong Secondary School Secondary 4 (‘O’Level)

I feel that my chemistry tutor, Hendra, is a teacher who is willing to spend more time and effort in coaching others who are struggling. Also, I think that he tries his utmost best to get his students to understand the topic and various concepts. When I have questions that I’m not sure about, Hendra would solve it and explain it patiently to me. Overall, he is a great coach, who has made my grades improve by leaps and bounds. I have broadened my field of knowledge, and not being confined to just the knowledge provided in the textbook. I have gained a much better understanding and grasp of chemistry. Now, I am doing fairly well in my class and I do not get lost when my teacher is teaching anymore. This has made me more confident in chemistry and it has become one of my anchor subjects!

Jenna Tan

Chemistry C5 to A1 (Top 3 in Class), New Town Secondary School Secondary 3

I first joined Aspire Hub in mid Sec 2 and at that time I did not have any interest in Math at all. I even failed my Math Mid-Year exams but after joining Aspire Hub I enjoyed the subject more and my grades started to improve. For the ‘O’ Levels, I managed to score A1 for both A Math & E Math. My Teacher Tian Hui is very patient and encouraging and she has really helped me a lot. Thank you Tian Hui!

Charmaine Jayne Kum

E Math A1, A Math A1 L1R5 8Pts, Crescent Girls School Secondary 4 (‘O’Level)

Miss Rico is a loving and caring teacher that teaches whole heartedly. With each and every lesson being planned out full of passion and commitment, she teaches and ensures that we fully understand the Chemistry concepts of a chapter before moving on to the next. Miss Rico not only cares for our academic performances but also our personal well-being as she would always care for a student’s personal life and also teaches us moral values that are usually not taught by other teachers in schools. During exam periods, she does not mind having to mark the extra work that we hand in as practice for exams and willingly gives extra classes to us which helps us even more when we need the additional aid. Miss Rico is truly an amazing teacher that provides an all rounded education for her students and helps them unleash their fullest potential in Chemistry as how she did for me.

Goh Mee Yee

Chemistry A1, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Secondary 4

My result for English was poor at the start at P6 (2013) getting from low 20’s to 60’s. I was more interested in Math at that time. I was introduced to Aspire Hub after my CA1. Though English was one of the subjects that I dread at the start of the year, the engaging lessons and helpful teachers brought back my interest and today, I am in Nan Hua High the 10th SAP school in Singapore. Thank you Aspire Hub!

Jaden Goh

English A PSLE 243 , River Valley Primary School Primary 6

The teachers in Aspire Hub are very friendly and approachable. The tutors not only gave me a head start in mastering the topics that will be taught at my school, they also shared with me answering techniques and study tips. I have made many good friends studying here. When I leave this centre, I will surely remember all the good times that I had at this centre.

Ian Hong Yi En

Math 85/100, Chinese 85/100, School of Science and Technology Secondary 2

I used to fail Higher Chinese regularly in school and had no motivation but after taking Higher Chinese tuition lessons at Aspire Hub, it dramatically helped my score and my standard greatly improved.

Gwyneth Thong

Higher Chinese C6 to A2, Chung Cheng High (Main) Secondary 4 (‘O’Level)

The coaches in Aspire Hub are very friendly and helpful. They always give useful tips to assist me. Whenever I have problems they would explain my mistakes to me and ensure I understood my errors.

Earnest Luah

English A1, St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary 4

Aspire Hub has helped me to understand science concepts better and easier.  Coach Darius is patient in explaining when you do not understand some tricky questions. His coaching strategies motivated, equipped and helped me in my last lap for PSLE.

Tang Xin Ru

Science A* PSLE 252, CHIJ Kellock Primary 6

Tian Hui taught me various methods to apply in problem solving. She is a patient teacher and a teacher with compassionate heart. She has helped me a lot in Math, and I scored an A2 for my exams.

Tricia Loh

Math SA2 - 72, CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

I’ve been having tuition at Aspire Hub, Alexandra since I was in Secondary 2 and I feel that it has really helped me achieve the grades that I want. I chose Aspire Hub because of its close proximity to my school, and good reviews from my family members and friends. The teachers here are brilliant, especially Coach Brenda. She is very friendly, patient and undoubtedly passionate about the English language. At first, I scored C5 in English for my school’s Continual Assessment. However, through Coach Brenda’s method of teaching where she would constantly drill us in the various aspects of the English paper to ensure we’re well prepared for our examinations, I managed to score an A2 in the end-of-year exams.


Also Coach Brenda engages her students in insightful conversations which helped us to widen our perspectives about certain issues that are happening around the world. In conclusion, I encourage all those who seek help for subjects that they are weak in to join Aspire Hub. No matter which subject you choose, whether in Languages, Mathematics or the Sciences, you can be assured that Aspire Hub will give you a fun and helpful learning experience for all students. As their motto suggests: they don’t just Teach, they Coach.

Natasha Kong

English - C5 to A2, CHIJ St.Theresa’s Convent

Under Jon Lim’s guidance, I manage to improve my results tremendously. My Science, Math and Additional Math improved from failures to A2s. This was all made possible due to Jon’s undying effort in teaching me along the way. I am glad I chose Aspire Hub for my tuition, the best tuition centre for me!

Edina Lee Min Yu

Science (Physics) - A2, E Math - A2, A Math - A2, Queenstown Secondary School