Because we care
just a little more

At Aspire Hub, we do more than cover lessons. We go the extra mile to know what drives students, what hurdles they face, and how best to motivate them so that they can achieve their best.

Students’ performance is affected by various factors

Students are still developing in various ways during their years in school. Teachers and parents can sometimes forget that students are still developing emotionally or even socially. This leads to them overlooking the many other factors that can affect a child’s academic performance, beyond intellect and a desire to get good grades - which we address at Aspire Hub.

Holistic growth

A focus on overall development

Building confidence

Growing inner strength to overcome challenges

Patience & Love

Constant, unflagging support from our coaches

At Aspire Hub,
we don't just teach, we coach

We think outside the box to get the right mix of factors to help students.

Tuition & Coaching
Like No Other

Small Group Sizes

With teacher-student ratios of around 1:6, our tutors can provide customised and focused attention for each student.

Experienced Coaches

Our tutors take on the role of coaches as well to strengthen children’s motivation and confidence.

Customised Learning

We recognise the individuality of each learner, so we build personalised learning plans and strategies for each student.

Hear from Students about
Our Great Tutors

The teachers in Aspire Hub are very friendly and approachable. The tutors not only gave me a head start in mastering the topics that will be taught at my school, they also shared with me answering techniques and study tips. I have made many good friends studying here. When I leave this centre, I will surely remember all the good times that I had at this centre.

Ian Hong Yi En 
Math 85/100, Chinese 85/100,
School of Science and Technology Secondary 2

Aspire Hub has helped me to understand science concepts better and easier. Coach Darius is patient in explaining when you do not understand some tricky questions. His coaching strategies motivated, equipped and helped me in my last lap for PSLE.

Tang Xin Ru
Science - A* PSLE 252, CHIJ Kellock Primary

I joined Aspire Hub in April 2019 of JC2 as the A Levels were approaching and I needed extra support to secure an A for H2 Mathematics. Yi Pei was very helpful throughout the year, always ensuring that we walk out of class without any doubts. Her dedication can be seen through the way she provides a platform for us to address our queries even outside lesson time. The flexibility that Aspire Hub Education has towards the lessons allows me to attend sessions more frequently nearing critical periods such as Prelims and the GCE A Level. 

The small group setting in the JC classes was also one of the main reasons why I joined AHE. More attention is given to each student so as to ensure the best learning experience. I definitely do not regret joining AHE as without Coach Yi Pei's continuous help and guidance, an A for the A Levels would be harder to achieve. Math tutors are plenty but to find one as experienced, dedicated and passionate as Coach Yi Pei is rare!

Ng Hong Xuan
River Valley High School

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