Personalised JC Programmes for Optimal A-Level Performance

Our classes for JC students are delivered by experienced teachers to support higher-level thinking, build a solid foundation, and sharpen their answering techniques throughout the 2-year preparation period.

With personalised coaching, constant feedback, and provision of comprehensive notes, our tutors encourage effective self-study and revision for JC-level students, who tend to work more independently. This means that we not only break down concepts as necessary or provide exam answering practice, but also work with students to motivate them in their learning.

With our classes, they get the solid base and support they require to excel at this mature stage of their academics, as well as in critical examinations after it.

Building Strong
Academic Foundations from Primary 1 to Primary 3

P1 to P3 is when young learners build fundamental knowledge. This is critical in laying the right foundation for smoother learning in the upper primary levels. 

In our lower primary classes, we employ a hands-on and personal, close-coaching method. This helps us provide guidance through every practice for the right foundation to be set.

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Our Junior 

Junior College 1

Covering topics such as the Maclaurin Series, Chemical Energetics, and DNA & Genomics, our JC1 classes are MOE-aligned and tailored to meet JC1 students’ needs. 

We help students tackle new and difficult concepts while strengthening their core study skills, all while guiding them through the A-level syllabus.

Subjects available: GP, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Junior College 2

In JC 2 programmes, we further hone students’ revision techniques and their methods for tackling more complicated exam questions, so they can achieve true exam excellence. 

With our tutors’ help, students can bolster both their studying as well as their confidence in preparation for the A-level, IB or IP exams.

Subjects available: GP, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

GP (General Paper) Lecture

Get extra support with preparation for the A-Level GP papers.

We help students understand the selection of issues and question themes as well as develop critical, reflective thinking on important subject matters and interlinking themes.

Coaches will guide students through methods for effectively arguing viewpoints with strong supporting evidence.

StrengthsFinder Programme

StrengthsFinder helps students discover and intentionally build on their greatest natural talents and strengths to pave their paths to success.

This programme is conducted by Coach Carolyne M.Sc ( UK ), is a Certified StrengthsFinder Coach, a lifelong learner and a passionate teacher and mentor.

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Meet a Couple of Our Tutors

Mr Ho Kong Man

Over 20 years of experienceMaster of Social Sciences in Applied Economics, NUS

Mr Ho Kong Man teaches Economics at the Junior College level. As the former Head of Department and more than 20 years of teaching experience in junior colleges, he has deep insight into the mastering of the subject. He is also trained in the Cambridge International Examinations Assessment for both A-level H1 and H2 Economics syllabi.

With his wealth of experience, Mr Ho is able to explain economic issues in a comprehensive yet simple manner that students can easily grasp. He’s passionate about developing his pupil’s critical thinking skills, and emphasises the importance of understanding the relevance of economic concepts in real-world contexts.

Mr Ho has been chosen by his students to receive the Most Caring Teacher Award and the Most Outstanding Teacher Award. These awards are testament to his patience and sincerity in guiding his pupils through their learning journeys.

Mr Wan Guan Xian

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical Engineering, NUS

Mr Guan Xiang teaches Physics for upper secondary and JC students. Prior to joining us, he had three years’ experience working in the field of electrical engineering.

A patient tutor, Mr Guan Xiang spares no effort in breaking down complex concepts and using various methods of explanation in teaching his students. He believes that having a firm grasp of foundational concepts will translate into smoother applications, both in exams and in real life. His students appreciate the calm and collected way Mr Guan Xiang goes about his lessons, and feel more confident in tackling advanced topics and questions with his guidance. 

Hear from our students

I was struggling with chem in J1 and decided to join Aspire Hub after getting my result for MYE. Coach Jing Zhan helped me greatly in my understanding of Chemistry. He helped to clear any misconception I had and made detailed notes for almost every chapter.

Faith Yap
Victoria JC

I joined Aspire Hub in April 2019 of JC2 as the A Levels were approaching and I needed extra support to secure an A for H2 Mathematics. Yi Pei was very helpful throughout the year, always ensuring that we walk out of class without any doubts. Her dedication can be seen through the way she provides a platform for us to address our queries even outside lesson time. The flexibility that Aspire Hub Education has towards the lessons allows me to attend sessions more frequently nearing critical periods such as Prelims and the GCE A Level. 

The small group setting in the JC classes was also one of the main reasons why I joined AHE. More attention is given to each student so as to ensure the best learning experience. I definitely do not regret joining AHE as without Coach Yi Pei's continuous help and guidance, an A for the A Levels would be harder to achieve. Math tutors are plenty but to find one as experienced, dedicated and passionate as Coach Yi Pei is rare!

Ng Hong Xuan
River Valley High School

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