Expert Tutors Who Can Support Your Learning and Revision

The school holidays are a great time to catch up on revision. Our programmes are designed to prepare you not only for the examinations but also to help you engage in more effective self-study in your own time.

Making the Most of the School Break

Catch up on areas of weakness, hone exam skills, or even explore interesting topics outside of the school syllabus.

Online Lessons
Subjects available: GP, Physics, Math, Chemistry

Monday, 3 June and 10 June
3pm - 6pm

Tuesday, 4 June and 11 June
1pm - 4pm

Wednesday, 5 June and 12 June
1pm - 4pm

Thursday, 6 June and 13 June
1pm - 4pm

2024 A-Level Prep Programme (Online Lessons)

GP, Physics, Math, Chemistry
2 lessons x 3 hours per subject

Our A-Level Prep Programme will be offered in multiple subjects: General Paper (GP), Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The programme is specifically designed to help students sitting for the 2024 A-Levels prepare for the major exams. 

Coaches will go over crucial concepts and techniques, as well as how to apply this knowledge accurately in tackling various exam questions. Lesson materials will be exclusive to the programme, and can be used as effective revision notes for self-review closer to the A-Level papers.

Early bird promo available for sign-ups made before 31 March 2024.

Please enquire with the centre for specific class timings.

Chemistry Lecture

Bukit Timah (Beauty World) 

This dedicated Chemistry lecture is designed to boost JC2 students’ knowledge of complex concepts and sharpen their answering techniques before the assessments. Lecture notes provided will also serve as comprehensive revision material before the A-Level Chemistry Papers.

R2 programmes

Weekly lessons focused on revision and recapping of crucial topics covered in previous terms

Bridging programmes

Learn topics in advance to get a head start on the coming term’s curriculum in school.Please enquire for specific programme timings at the centre of your choice. 

Weekly Programmes for Improved Learning

Ongoing lessons at all centres

Review and strengthen topical knowledge from previous terms or get an early introduction to upcoming topics.

These lessons are tailored to help your child in his current stage of learning.

Plan for an enriching term break

Tackle learning challenges and next-level concepts right away. Sign up students for one of our classes with the form below.
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