Last Minute Tips to Prepare for PSLE

Last minute revision for PSLE is inevitable, no matter how well-prepared you have been the whole year. Instead of panicking and flipping through your textbook in a frenzy, here are some tips to help you get through this last stage.

1. Spot the Questions

Look at all the past year PSLE papers and make a note of the type of questions that appear year after year. 

Chances are that they will also appear for the next paper, and make sure you know how to solve those questions confidently. Mark any questions that you have trouble with and consult your teachers or tutors as soon as you can.

2. Keywords are Key

Highlight all the keywords in the subject and make notes on them to ensure that you remember them. Use flashcards or mind maps to help yourself immerse in the notes. 

Instead of reading bedtime stories, bring out your cards or maps and read those instead, as your mind retains the most information when you read just before you sleep.

3. Extra Lessons 

Request for extra lessons whenever possible and ask your teacher if she has any free time after school for individual attention. 

Go back to school during the holidays to catch the teachers at their most relaxed and ask for pointers. 

They are always willing to help the enthusiastic learners in the class and will be sure to give pointers and tips in this crucial period.

4. Teach your Friends

There is no better way to fully understand a subject then to have to teach it to others. Form a study group with the weaker students and take it upon yourself to be their mentor for that subject. 

It will force you to look at the subject in greater detail and learn more than you would have just studying on your own. 

Take up the red pen and start marking your friend’s work to improve your own grades.

5. Revise In Advance

One week before the exams, you should be revising everything that you have learnt in the past couple of years. 

Set aside one day for each subject, and spend the whole day covering all the chapters in the book. 

When doing this, it is normal to devote too much time to the first few chapters and lose steam along the way, so be sure to pace yourself and pick out the most important chapters to revise first, before moving on to the less essential parts.

Keep calm, relax, and learn to take deep breaths to release the stress and tension just before the exam. Your mind works best when you are relaxed, so be relaxed!