Unlocking Fresh Perspectives at S3

Students discover a new level of complexity to lessons in S3, and we help them navigate this new challenge in a way that encourages them to grow as thinkers. From honing their self-study and critical skills to their exam-taking abilities, we guide learners towards new achievements.

Unlocking Fresh Perspectives at S3

Students discover a new level of complexity to lessons in S3, and we help them navigate this new challenge in a way that encourages them to grow as thinkers. From honing their self-study and critical skills to their exam-taking abilities, we guide learners towards new achievements.

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To excel in Upper Secondary English, students need to possess a strong foundation in grammar and a broad vocabulary bank. Aspire Hub’s tutors focus on refining the accuracy and fluidity of students’ English usage, deepening their use of logic in communication as well. We provide varied opportunities for practice, from composition to summary exercises.


Our coaches continue to build on students’ language skills for more complex linguistic learning, heightening their sophistication at using Chinese in a wide range of settings. We focus on real-life application and verbal fluency of language as well.

A Maths

We help students tackle Advanced Mathematics (A Maths) at S3 through targeted notes and practices, helping them learn each concept deeply and comprehensively. Our coaches also impart higher thinking and analytical skills that students will find especially useful in tackling tricky questions.

E Maths

Our elementary mathematics programme for S3 students ensures they learn the core skills required to solve E-Math problems in an effectual manner. Coaches build their maths learning through logical thinking, visualisation, and metacognitive skills. We also continually revise skills from lower secondary that are still relevant to students in S3 and S4.


Aspire Hub coaches help students deconstruct complex Physics concepts and allow students to learn them in a well-paced, structured manner. This facilitates greater understanding of each concept, and ensures deep and full understanding of what is being learnt.


Building on what they’ve learned in lower secondary, we deepen students’ knowledge of chemistry through a combination of theoretical learning and application. They also improve their laboratory skills in the process.


Students discover further biological concepts at this level. We integrate lessons from previous years into current ones in order to help students master the content and concepts in each topic.

Principles of Accounting

Aspire Hub accounting classes are designed to provide a smooth, easy-to-grasp introduction to the topic for students. In doing so, we establish core skills that they will find of use in many professions and real-life experiences.

Social Studies

Social studies allows students to better understand the society they move in, as well as the country they inhabit. Our tutors provide guidance to students in the many subjects tackled here, from socioeconomic realities to governance.


Students learn not only to appreciate literature but to engage with it, employing inference and analytical skills to get more out of texts. This deepens their ability to comprehend communication as well, honing not only their cultural learning but their language abilities.


To help the next generation figure out how to shape a better future, we take them through our past and the realities of previous ages and years. Students learn to contextualise events and the present, as well as discover the strata on which today’s lives are now built.

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Designed for students as young as 4 years of age, this gives kids from N2 to K2 a great start on learning the Chinese language without being afraid of it. 

Primary 1 - Primary 3

Our lower primary Chinese programme is meant to help learners aged 7 to 9 solidify their foundations in the language.

Primary 4 - Primary 6

Our upper primary Chinese programme develops students’ Chinese further and can help to prepare them for the PSLE.

Secondary Chinese

Our secondary Chinese lessons offer focused tuition and enrichment for CL, HCL, O-level, and IB students. We also focus on building language skills for exam excellence.

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Meet a Couple of Our Tutors

Mr Darius Tan

Over 10 years of experience
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and
Electronic Engineering, NTU

Mr Darius Tan coaches primary and lower secondary students in Science at NEX. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

He has 10 years of teaching experience and has also conducted academic programmes in many other schools, often in Science and for the Mathematical Olympiad.

He uses interesting concepts and scenarios to help students remember lessons more easily. An open and engaging teacher, he also tailors his teaching methods based on each student’s learning ability so no pupils get left behind.

Ms Lin Ming Huey

Close to 20 years of teaching experienceBachelor of Arts with Merit in English Literature and Psychology, NUS

Ms Lin Ming Huey teaches English Language for primary and secondary levels as well as English Literature for secondary levels. She strives to ensure that her students not only have good foundations in the language but actually see the beauty of it as well.

She has coached students from all walks of life for nearly two decades, which gives her a wealth of experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts with Merit in English Literature and Psychology from NUS.

Hear from our students

I first sought help for my math as I was not able to grasp the concepts well and therefore did not do well. However, Coach Tianchen enabled me to understand the mathematics concepts better through his teachings. Also, he allows students to decide what they want to do, which to me was useful as I was able to use the tuition time to brush up on my other topics rather than confront having to learn new topics when following a standard class. Through all of this, not only did I improve, I also managed to find more joy in learning mathematics!

Ng Wei Jie

Her teaching is very unique as she would help by showing many videos of herself and she takes good care of us. She makes sure that you understand or else she would re-explain just to make sure you understand. She doesn't give up on us and she is a very fun and funky teacher.

 Ethel Siow
Hillgrow Sec

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