Preparing for the O Levels or Pre-tertiary at S4

We view Secondary 4 as a critical stage in students’ education at Aspire Hub. Our tutors prepare students for the next levels of their academic journey here, whether they’re on the O-level or IP track, shaping them with the skills and knowledge to ace their upcoming exams.

Preparing for the O Levels or Pre-tertiary at S4

We view Secondary 4 as a critical stage in students’ education at Aspire Hub. Our tutors prepare students for the next levels of their academic journey here, whether they’re on the O-level or IP track, shaping them with the skills and knowledge to ace their upcoming exams

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At this level, our goal is to polish our students’ skills to add a degree of sophistication and technical refinement that can set them up for future successes, such as in the O-level tests. We provide various comprehension and summary practices for students to build their skills and confidence in the subject, providing detailed and personalised feedback on every exercise.


Our S4 Chinese programme sharpens existing language skills into true advantages for students. We will give them the edge they need to use Chinese deftly in even more demanding applications and complex situations, with a focus on applying advanced sentence structures in their written and verbal exercises.

A Maths

With our comprehensive A Maths curriculum, our coaches break down advanced A-Math concepts clearly and simply for students to learn, understand, and remember. We also hone students’ skills through targeted practices in examinable topics, preparing them for their O-levels by closely guiding their revision so they’re on the right path to clinch those A1s.

E Maths

Coaches strive to ensure students are ready for the coming exams with comprehensive revision and additional opportunities for practice, including intensive revision of topics from S1 to S3. We also show them how to avoid common mistakes and hone their abilities to tackle questions of varying difficulty so they are exam ready.


With more complex topics to tackle in S4, coaches will work on a customised studying plan for each student, so they can study and revise in an effective yet efficient manner. We also guide students through tricky past-year questions and hone answering techniques for exam excellence.


S4 students develop true content mastery with our programme, which also prepares them to use their knowledge in tackling assessments like the O-level exams. We help students plan out their revision of critical topics from S1 to S3 so they can effectively consolidate their knowledge and work on areas of weakness before the exams.


Higher-level biological topics are broken down for easy comprehension, then put together with previous knowledge for advanced learning. Students discover how to use what they know in exams too, through challenges like questions and mock papers.

Principles of Accounting

Our Principles of Accounting for S4 students teaches them the very language of business, setting them up for professional success. Here, they pick up crucial skills in critical thinking, data analysis and comparison, and more.

Social Studies

We ready students to become successful members of society at this stage, using what they learned in S3 to deepen their understanding of the structures and world in which they move.


Aspire Hub’s tutors foster an ever more mature ability to comprehend and dissect texts here, allowing them to tackle increasingly complex literature with wider perspectives. This allows them to discover ever more layers of meaning from text they encounter.


As students get further into their history studies, our tutors assist them by breaking down more complex historical concepts and experiences for easy comprehension. From there we help students put together the lessons they need to master the subject.

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Designed for students as young as 4 years of age, this gives kids from N2 to K2 a great start on learning the Chinese language without being afraid of it. 

Primary 1 - Primary 3

Our lower primary Chinese programme is meant to help learners aged 7 to 9 solidify their foundations in the language.

Primary 4 - Primary 6

Our upper primary Chinese programme develops students’ Chinese further and can help to prepare them for the PSLE.

Secondary Chinese

Our secondary Chinese lessons offer focused tuition and enrichment for CL, HCL, O-level, and IB students. We also focus on building language skills for exam excellence.

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Meet a Couple of Our Tutors

Mr Darius Tan

Over 10 years of experience
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and
Electronic Engineering, NTU

Mr Darius Tan coaches primary and lower secondary students in Science at NEX. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

He has 10 years of teaching experience and has also conducted academic programmes in many other schools, often in Science and for the Mathematical Olympiad.

He uses interesting concepts and scenarios to help students remember lessons more easily. An open and engaging teacher, he also tailors his teaching methods based on each student’s learning ability so no pupils get left behind.

Ms Lin Ming Huey

Close to 20 years of teaching experienceBachelor of Arts with Merit in English Literature and Psychology, NUS

Ms Lin Ming Huey teaches English Language for primary and secondary levels as well as English Literature for secondary levels. She strives to ensure that her students not only have good foundations in the language but actually see the beauty of it as well.

She has coached students from all walks of life for nearly two decades, which gives her a wealth of experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts with Merit in English Literature and Psychology from NUS.

Hear from our students

Coach GuanXiang is an approachable and friendly tutor. He has always been able to give me guidance whenever I need it and is able to give us information beyond our syllabus. He has always been encouraging and I really appreciate all the help he has given me in order to help me achieve my desired grades in O'lvl.

Nigel Ang
Zhonghua Secondary School

Coach Yi Pei has helped me to maintain consistent results for both E Math and A Math. Her style of teaching is extremely clear and concise, allowing me to grasp any mathematical concept in a short duration of time. She is quick to identify my weaknesses and will help to strengthen them to ensure I perform my best in any examination. Lessons with Coach Yi Pei are always productive and effective..

Pook Rou Yu
Nanhua High School

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