Strengthen Upper Primary Skills and Knowledge in P5

Primary 5 is seen as a critical level in students’ development. This is when kids integrate their learning in ways that allow them to develop more nuanced understanding, as well as begin to prepare for the PSLE.

Starting Off on the Right Foot in Primary 1

Primary 1 is when kids need to make that crucial transition into a more structured learning environment. At Aspire Hub, our P1 programmes provide the support kids need to develop confidence in their learning abilities and build vital foundations in core subjects.

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We focus on developing young ones’ budding communication skills, whether in reading, writing, or speaking. From basic grammar to vocabulary, our primary school tuition constructs the core of a linguistic proficiency that will serve them well into the future.


Foundational concepts and arithmetic operations are introduced in a friendly, fun way that encourages kids to view mathematics without apprehension. They also learn key math skills and their application to everyday life.


Our primary school tuition for P1 students gets them started on Chinese learning and proficient bilingualism. With steady exposure and guidance, we cover the fundamentals of the language and prepare them for future fluency.

Hear from our students

Dear Ms Ku, From the first day I stepped into your class, I knew that you were gonna be the teacher that brings smiles to everyone's faces and enjoyment to every lesson. Thank you for sacrificing your extra time to explain questions I never understood, and for always being so patient. Thank you for making learning fun and not a tedious chore. I really appreciate the depth and effort you put in each lesson. Thank you for everything you've done and for always putting a smile on my face! Thank you Ms Ku!

Alyssa Marinas

Previously before taking tuition, my Chinese was weak and I was careless. However after Aspire Hub I improved on my writing of compositions and minimised the amount of careless mistakes I made.

Gerald Sea

Ms Victoria made math tuition more fun and funny! She teaches me the questions in a way that is easier for me to learn. You're the best tuition teacher. Thank you for your encouragement!

West Grove Primary School