Bridge Foundational Gaps During the School Holiday

Does your child need support with strengthening key knowledge or skills from earlier this year?

With both enrichment and tuition options, our holiday programmes are designed to help your child maximise their school holiday with targeted learning.

Making the Most of the School Break

Catch up on revision of important concepts, get a head start on new topics, or even explore skills outside of the school syllabus.

E-Math Revision Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World) / NEX
4 x 2-hour sessions

Designed to help upper secondary students with revision of E-Math concepts, we’ll cover key topics from Terms 1 and 2 to ensure you have a strong grasp on what’s been covered so far this year.

Coaches will guide you through topics such as Indices, Standard Form, Linear Inequalities, Quadratic Equations; Congruence and Similarity, Trigonometry and Its ApplicationsCoordinate Geometry for S3 students, and Properties of Circles, Trigonometry & Applications, Mensuration, Vectors; Coordinate Geometry for S4 students.

A-Math Revision Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
4 x 2-hour sessions

Get extra revision of key A-Math topics from Semester 1 with our June holiday programme.

We’ll cover a key concept each week such as Quadratic Equalities & Inequalities to Indices and Logarithms for S3 students, and Linear Law, Plane Geometry and Differentiation & Application for S4 students.

Chemistry Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)

This programme is focused on giving your Chemistry a boost this June holiday.

Sharpen your knowledge on important topics through guided review and revision of them with our expert tutors. You’ll also receive comprehensive notes and questions that will aid your revision in future.

Biology Programme

2 x 2-hour lessons

Master key concepts in upper secondary Biology with the guidance of our expert coaches. We’ll cover topics such as Plant Nutrition and Transport in Plants for S3 students, and Cell Division and Reproduction in Plants for S4 students.

S4 Physics Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
2 x 4-hour lessons

Kickstart your revision for the O-Level Physics paper with this June holiday programme.

Across the course of 4 lessons, we will guide you through revision of key concepts and hone your component-specific answering techniques

Gear Up Programme (In-person or Online Lessons)

Sec 4 and Sec 5
English, Physics, Chemistry, A-Math, Social Studies, Chinese
2 lessons x 2.5 hours

Our Gear Up Programme will be offered in multiple subjects, including English, Physics, Chemistry, A-Math and Social Studies.

The programme is specifically designed to help your child gain mastery of important concepts and answering techniques in preparation for Semester 2. 

Coaches will cover exclusive programme-only materials and share their expert tips on how to improve academic performance. Lessons will also be kept hands-on and engaging so your child is motivated to keep learning during the school break.

Weekly Programmes for Improved

Ongoing lessons at all centres

Review and strengthen topical knowledge from previous terms or get an early introduction to upcoming topics.

These lessons are tailored to help your child in his current stage of learning.

Plan for an enriching and engaging term break

Catch upon areas of weakness or get a head start on various topics this holiday. Sign up for one of our classes with the form below.
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