Bridge Foundational Gaps in June

Does your child need support with revising concepts covered earlier this year? Or extra help with preparing for the O-Level papers?

With both enrichment and tuition options, our holiday programmes are designed to help your child maximise their June holidays with targeted learning.

Enriching the One-month Term Break

Catch up on revision of important concepts, get a head start on new topics, or even explore skills outside of the school syllabus.

Physics O-Level Intensive Revision Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
4 x 2-hour sessions

Kickstart your revision for the O-Level Physics paper with this June holiday programme.

Across the course of 4 lessons, we will guide you through revision of key concepts and hone your component-specific answering techniques.

English Holiday Programme

6 x 2-hour sessions

Revisit and refine essential techniques to ace each component of the subject with this 6-week holiday programme.

We’ll cover everything from oral examination techniques to strategies for tackling expository, narrative and situational writing components.

Enthralling English (Writing Class)

Jurong Point
4 x 2-hour sessions

Go beyond technicalities to discover the beauty of the English language. This programme is specially focused on making the English language an exciting and interesting one to learn.

We’ll work on exploring different perspectives and creative writing ideas that’ll boost your child’s ability to craft an engaging composition. This will allow your child to dissect and better understand their comprehension passages as well.

Expository Writing Programme

S3 - S4
Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
3 x 2-hour sessions

Get expert tips on how to ace expository essay writing at the upper secondary levels. Our coaches will run through the key techniques and strategies for tackling this specific essay type.

Secondary 2 Math Revision Lectures

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
2 x 2-hour sessions

Strengthen your grasp of Secondary 2 Math concepts with our revision lectures this June.

We’ll cover important techniques and revision points that’ll help you excel in the subject in the coming terms.

E-Math Revision Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
4 x 2-hour sessions

Designed to help upper secondary students with revision of E-Math concepts, we’ll cover key topics from Terms 1 and 2 to ensure you have a strong grasp on what’s been learnt so far this year.

Coaches will guide you through topics such as Algebra, Trigonometry and Functions & Graphs for S3 students, and Mensuration, Vectors and Coordinate Geometry for S4 students.

A-Math Revision Programme

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
4 x 2-hour sessions

Get extra revision of key A-Math topics from Semester 1 with our June holiday programme.

We’ll cover a key concept each week, from Quadratic Equalities & Inequalities to Indices and Logarithms for S3 students, and Linear Law, Plane Geometry and Differentiation & Application for S4 students.

Upper Secondary Chemistry Revision Lectures

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
4 x 2-hour sessions

This programme is focused on giving your Chemistry a boost this June holiday.

Sharpen your knowledge on important topics through guided review and revision of them with our expert tutors. You’ll also receive comprehensive notes and questions that will aid your revision in future.

Chemistry Revision Programme

4 x 2-hour sessions

Enhance your preparation for the O-Level Chemistry papers with our revision programme.

We’ll cover topics such as: Mole Concept, Quantitative Analysis, Periodic Table, Air and Atmosphere, Ammonia, Metal, Energy Changes and Rate of Reaction.

Fun with Math Workshop

Bukit Timah (Beauty World)
1 x 2-hour session

Explore the world of numbers beyond what you’d learn in school with this programme! This 2-hour workshop was designed to inject an element of fun and discovery to mathematical concepts that you otherwise would never have known.

Hillion Mall, Parkway Parade, Bedok Mall, Bedok Central, United Square, Seletar Mall, West Mall
S1 - S4
Starts from 30 May

Various timings available depending on your preferred centre.

June Holiday Mandarin Programme

S1 - S4
Hillion Mall / Parkway Parade / Bedok Mall / Bedok Central / United Square / Seletar Mall / West Mall
4 x 2-hour sessions

A 4-lesson programme designed to boost your child’s grasp of the language and enhance his exam techniques for improved performance.

We’ll focus on strengthening composition skills, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Current affairs will also be discussed during the programme to enhance your child’s ability to verbalise and communicate his opinions on them in Mandarin.

R2 programmes
Weekly lessons focused on revision and recapping of crucial topics covered in previous terms

Bridging programmesLearn topics in advance to get a head start on the coming term’s curriculum in school.

Please enquire for specific programme timings at the centre of your choice.

Weekly Programmes for Improved

Ongoing lessons at all centres

Review and strengthen topical knowledge from previous terms or get an early introduction to upcoming topics.

These lessons are tailored to help your child in his current stage of learning.

Plan for an enriching and engaging term break

Catch upon areas of weakness or get a head start on various topics this holiday. Sign up for one of our classes with the form below.
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